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Bone Digger DVD


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2015 Rawhide Gathering

Official Video Collection

(6 DVD’s)

Rawhide braiders from around the world

gathered November 21-24, 2015 in Decatur, Texas, USA.

Get up-close with the experts and attendees

in this six disc video resource

and learn from the teachings on:

Dehairing Methods, Scraping Hides

Softening Hides, Deer Rawhide

Cutting String, Sharpening Blades

Cutting Whips, Heel Knots

Pricing,Form & Function on a Horse

Bosals, Nose Buttons

and more!

A Picture by Whitstir Productions, LLC, 2016

Executive Producer Clint Haverty  

Producer Whitney Hall

Includes 6 DVD Discs, Not Rated, Widescreen

Approximate Total Running Time: 8 hours and 28 minutes

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